"The real independent and not for profit voice in Westminster for 37m UK drivers, who want clean air too, but want this accomplished without being demonised, blamed and continually treated as easy cash cows."

Why is the Government ignoring practical proven ways to lower emissions?

Below are 2 Effective, Proven and Practical Ways to Lower Vehicle Emissions - Solutions that the Government and Local Authorities continue to ignore - WHY is that the case? -

97.8% of drivers firmly believe, political decision makers prefer to take the easy option by fleecing extra cash from hard-working drivers, families, small businesses and hauliers.

They choose, instead to punish drivers with tax hikes, more congestion charges, new clean air zones and devalue vehicles.

Here are ways that will improve air quality, lower vehicle emissions much more effectively than the Government's existing clean air strategy.

Bulk Additive - Fuel Catalyst A

The impact of Fuel Catalyst A upon fuel consumption and emissions is dramatic, as evidenced by the records produced during the live testing that has taken place over the last 18 months in a range of different engines, operating under different conditions. It improves combustion efficiency and power output of an engine by lowering the activation energy required to initiate combustion, giving a higher net energy output. This means less fuel is needed to do the required amount of work, more MPG and at the same time produce considerably fewer emissions.

Bulk Additive - Fuel Catalyst B

Fuel Catalyst B is a smog reducer that lowers the amount of energy needed for fuel to burn. Since less energy is being used, the vehicle’s fuel economy and power improve, and harmful emissions are drastically reduced.