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Ask the Election Candidates if they Support Drivers

Please ask the candidates in the General Election where you live, as to their positions on key motoring issues, if they become your new MP

December 5, 2019

We have contacted all your local party candidates in the General Election to get them to answer 4 quick questions and to tell us where they personally stand on motoring policies and the future cost of motoring. 

With just days to go to the General Election, there continues a deafening silence in most of the anti-car/truck media, led by the BBC, as to which Political Party has the best policies for motorists, bikers, van drivers and hauliers. It seems drivers' political concerns are seen as not worth covering in the media, unless an environment issue is involved.

In each of the 650 UK constituencies, there are between 1,200 to 3,200 voters who support FairFuelUK. 

What we do know about some of the main Party plans from the headlines include:

The Conservatives have now promised to freeze Fuel Duty, due to our intense lobbying.

Labour it is rumoured, will put Fuel Duty up to 16p more per litre and divert funds for existing road projects to reduce train fares by 33%.

The Greens are rumored to want to double Fuel Duty, making petrol and diesel close to a crippling £2 per litre. They will spend £2.5bn per year on new cycleways too.

Lib Dems don't mention Fuel Duty, and want to promote cycling, walking and ban the sales of all diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.

The Brexit Party will Scrap HS2.

There are also many other issues that impact on drivers.So please send our email to remind them to complete the  FairFuelUK Survey.
Your email sent directly to them will carry so much more weight to convince them to answer the 5 minutes survey.
We will publish their responses for you to access asap.
Please let us know if they respond to you refusing to take part in the survey. That in itself, is cause to notify the media of their apathy towards UK's 37m drivers.

The questions in the  FairFuelUK Survey cover:

The cost of motoring
Fuel Duty plans
Transparent pump pricing
Fairer effective non punitive ways to lower vehicle emissions

All you have to do, is to enter your postcode at  this link and the list of your local candidates accessible with an email address will be listed for you to contact using the example message shown. You can edit to your style and content.

Boris is to continue to Freeze Fuel Duty if re-elected

"it’s been one of the most successful lobbying campaigns in modern political history, successfully diverting billions from the treasury with barely a squeak." 
Gaby Hinsliff - the Guardian

Since 2010 FairFuelUK has saved drivers over £100bn in planned tax hikes in duty and VAT through constructive and objective campaigning.

Had FairFuelUK not campaigned to scrap the fuel duty escalator, fuel tax today would be 83.33p/lt rather than 57.95p/lt, 43.8% higher. 
Today you'd be paying £1.70 per litre.

FairFuelUK is supported by its founding backers: Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage Association

UK Driver's General Election Survey

Which Party is best for UK Drivers?

Which Political Party and Leader will be best for UK's 37m drivers after the General Election?

Please complete this quick survey to make your feelings clear regarding what the outcome of the General Election will mean for drivers. The results will be reported in the National Media and sent to every Parliamentary Prospective Candidate before the election.

On December 12th we will elect a new Government. You can make a difference who that will be. Hopefully a Government that 'fairly' supports motorists, bikers, van drivers and truckers. Now that will make a refreshing change!

The New Free #PumpWatch Smartphone App is here

Every time you fill up with diesel or petrol, you are subjected to the uncertainty and lottery of what you will pay. 

The UK has the highest fuel taxes in the world. UK drivers contribute the 5th largest income stream to the Treasury. 

There is no logic or transparency in the fuel supply chain pricing process. 

By popular demand, we have developed an APP for Apple and Android smartphones that will tell you how much you are being fleeced by the Government and the fuel supply chain.

Tell you what tax you are paying to the Treasury, each time you fill up

It will break down Fuel Duty, VAT and even the VAT charged on the Fuel Duty itself

As we collect data from drivers who use the APP, we will build up PumpWatch Prices

You will be able to keep a log of your fuel purchases and see over time the vast level of tax that you have contributed to the Government

The data behind the App will be updated daily to include the wholesale prices of diesel and petrol

It will also show what you would pay for your fill up in over 100 other countries and how that changes overtime

You will be kept updated of the latest campaigning issues, related news, surveys and political issues 

You can keep in touch with us at FairFuelUK and contact your local MP

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Our Big 3 Campaigning Issues 
Impacting on Drivers are

1. UK Fuel Duty is amongst the highest in the world

Despite 9 years of Fuel Duty freezes, secured by the incredible 1.7m supporters to FairFuelUK, over 140 MPs and key media, UK Drivers still pay the highest fuel duty in the world and are continued to be seen by the Government as pure cash cows.

We need to 
cut fuel duty 
to boost
the economy

2. UK Drivers are subject to opportunistic profiteering at the pumps

The perpetual fleecing of 37m UK drivers goes unchecked by a Government afraid to take on the oil companies. Furthermore they will never forego the extra VAT generated because of the unmonitored high pump prices.

Help us get an 
Independent Pump
Price Monitoring 

3. UK Drivers are unfairly blamed and punished for ALL air pollution in our cities?

The main national and local political tactic in attempting to improve our urban air quality somewhat unfairly, revolves around thumping drivers of motorbikes, cars, vans and trucks in the pocket. It's called 'Pay to Pollute' and based on flawed health data.

Help us to make the 
see sense 
and implement
proven ways 
to lower emissions