"The real independent and not for profit voice in Westminster for 37m UK drivers, who want clean air too, but want this accomplished without being demonised, blamed and continually treated as easy cash cows."

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Ask Your MP to Support Hard Pressed Motorists, Bikers, Taxis, Van Drivers and Truckers & for the Media to Report Road User Issues Unbiasedly

FairFuel UK fights for the silent majority, UK's 37m drivers, that contribute the 5th largest income to the Treasury every year. They need your help on two fronts, by sending 2 emails, one to your MP and one to the national media. It will take just 5 minutes.... Please take part

Email Your MP

Please email your MP to help us fight the continuing anti-driver policies appearing almost on a daily basis. Just enter your postcode at this link and follow the easy instructions. 

It's time the voice of drivers, the majority of the electorate, influenced the current inept political decision making in Westminster and urban authorities.

Email the Media

We are sure, that just like us and millions of others who rely on our vehicles, you believe it's time the media delivered balanced coverage on issues that impact drivers. Click on this link and choose the newspaper, radio or TV station that you'd like to convince. The media will hate receiving these emails asking them for fairness in their reporting. It's important they have a fairer role to play.