FairFuelUK's Top 5 Campaign Objectives 2024...

Cut Fuel Duty - Implement PumpWatch - Scrap 2030 Ban - Stop ULEZs/LTNs 
Reverse Anti-Driver Policies Since 2010, 

FairFuelUK has been the only true political voice of UK drivers in Westminster. 

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Since January 2011 we have operated purely through the kind generosity of supporters' donations.  
To continue to fight high fuel taxes, rip off pump prices and to get ULEZs/LTNs reversed plus the 2030 new petrol/car car ban scrapped, we need as much funding as possible.  
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UK's petrol and diesel drivers are up against the rich celebrity backed 'Client Earth', the fanatical 'Extinction Rebellion', "Stop Oil" and the uncompromising 'Green Party' all well financed by millions of pounds of donations from misinformed virtue signalling big egos and the liberal elite. We punch way above our weight because of the support of hard working drivers across the UK. But we need as much sponsorship support as we can get. Campaigning and Legal Challenges are expensive. PLEASE Help to support FairFuelUK Campaign's fight on your behalf to get all of Westminster to listen to common sense and to convince our political system that UK drivers are too often wronged for political and financial gain.