Why we need your financial support

We are up against the rich celebrity backed 'Client Earth', the fanatical 'Extinction Rebellion' and the uncompromising 'Green Party' all well financed by millions of pounds of donations from misinformed virtue signalling celebrities and the liberal elite.

We punch way above our weight because of the support of hard working drivers across the UK and the continuing support of the RHA and Logistics UK. But we need as much sponsorship support as we can get. Campaigning and Legal Challenges are expensive. Help to support FairFuelUK Campaign's fight on your behalf to get Westminster to listen to common sense and to covince our judicial system that UK drivers are too often wronged for political and financial gain. 

Please buy window stickers or help by giving a donation - ALL contributions go into our campaigning efforts. 

FairFuelUK is completely non profit making.FairFuelUK is managed by a small and highly committed team of people lead by the Campaign's Founder Howard Cox. They campaign tirelessly to reduce the price of all vehicle fuels for 37m road users and for the benefit of the UK economy. Its funding is based on support from key backers the FTA, RHA and any regular donations from supporters and those businesses who so depend on fuel to run their operations. To get the Government to reduce fuel duty in future Treasury Budgets and for debating fairer taxation levels for all UK road users the FairFuelUK campaign needs to be financed at the best possible level. 

And that's why we need your support so, if you can, PLEASE help with funding too.

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