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Government Continues to Ignore Rip Off Pump Prices - Time this Beleaguered Administration Acted Positively to Support UK's 37m Drivers and Reduce Inflation, the Cost of Living and Incentivise the Economy

“Sadly, the Government’s efforts to work with the fuel industry so that pump prices are competitive, and market driven, ensuring consumers benefit from lower prices, is not working. The reality is that motorists are now paying £16 per tank more than last year and nearly £2bn of falls in the wholesale price have not been passed onto hard-pressed motorists at the pumps. This is bad for the economy, bad for inflation, bad for business and bad for jobs. That’s why we need to introduce an independent pump pricing watchdog.” 
Craig Mackinlay MP, Chair of the APPG for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Hauliers

“Struggling families need a PumpWatch regulator asap. The rip off oil companies are feeding the cost of living crisis as they refuse to cut prices at the pumps even when the international oil price has fallen. If we can have an energy price cap, at least have a fair price at the pumps.”  
Robert Halfon MP, Vice Chair of the APPG for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Hauliers

" The perennial pump pricing rip-off scandal that FairFuelUK has been campaigning against for the last decade. PumpWatch is now even more crucial to the Nation’s positive economic growth, jobs, business investment, logistics, consumer spending and social mobility. This beleaguered Conservative Government needs it in place now, to help regain trust again and to avoid long-term voter repercussions. Boris you know this makes economic and political sense, it’s time for you to throw away your anti-motorist plans and recognise the common sense in giving drivers a well-deserved break” 
Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign

Reasons why the Government must create an Independent Pricing Watchdog called PumpWatch

The Westminster APPG for Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers is supporting 37m UK Drivers and calls for the introduction of an Independent Pump Price Monitoring Body. 

Notionally calling this proposed consumer watchdog 'PumpWatch', the APPG are supporting this initiative. 

See MP Robert Halfon's Early Day Motion calling For PumpWatch


The perpetual fleecing of 37m UK drivers goes unchecked by a Government afraid to take on the oil companies and forego the extra VAT generated because of high pump prices.

We already pay £50bn a year in tax on our motorbikes, cars, vans and trucks. VED, fuel duty, VAT on duty, insurance tax, VAT on repairs, parts, benefit in kind on company cars etc. That’s nearly 7p in tax for every mile travelled. And yet the greedy unchecked oil speculators, wholesalers and oil companies fleece us and the economy even more. It is way past time that the Treasury and the Government checked this chronic opportunistic profiteering in the fuel supply chain.

Over 95% of FairFuelUK’s 1.7m supporters want such an independent body created, like consumer watchdogs Ofgem, Ofcom and Ofwat, to protect UK’s 37m drivers every time they fill up, as and when oil prices vary.

Howard Cox, FairFuelUK Founder and Secretary to the APPG said:

“If gas, electricity, water and telecoms get price protection bodies, why shouldn’t motorists have one too? We need ‘PumpWatch’ now, to ensure pricing fairness for both consumers and hardworking fuel retailers too. Most of the profiteering is at wholesale level not by small independent retailers, who are also victims of the greedy fuel supply chain.”

Lembit Opik, Former MP, Radio Broadcaster, Communications Director for the Motorcycle Action Group said:

“Our members are weary of pump prices rocketing when oil costs rise yet taking an eternity to fall when oil is in decline. It makes sense that those uncontrollable costs in the fuel supply chain are subject to closer scrutiny in a PumpWatch body.”

Howard Cox, FairFuelUK Founder and Secretary to the APPG said

When oil prices rise and fall, millions of drivers have absolutely no idea what subsequently, they will pay at the pumps each time they fill up their vehicles. It is never ever the same price! There is no consistency, logic or clarity to the way pump prices are calculated. It remains a closely guarded secret in the fuel supply chain. If it wasn’t for the recent supermarkets’ forecourt price cuts, always lead by ASDA, prices at the pumps wouldn’t be falling at all."