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FairFuelUK’s call for a Freeze on Fuel Duty covered by the Sun March 6th 2015

The Government continues to take over 65% in tax when we fill up at the pumps, we have the highest Fuel Duty levels in the EU and the cost of fuel directly impacts adversely on the cost of living, investment, jobs and operating of businesses.

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FairFuelUK Campaign Objectives

  • To stop any Fuel Duty Rises in this Parliament and beyond

  • Cut Fuel Duty by 3p for Economic Growth

  • To see all Government taxes are displayed on fuel receipts in detail - Fuel Duty, VAT and VAT on Fuel Duty

  • To bring UK petrol and diesel prices to European Parity in terms of fuel pricing and taxation

  • For a full blown independent inquiry into the fuel pricing process and oil price speculation

  • An increase in tax incentives for the adoption of Greener fuels and technologies

  • Fight for a better deal for all of the 32m Road Users in the UK
Front Cover of the FairFuelUK Manifestofor Growth 2015
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