FairFuelUK Air Quality Survey

If you are concerned about the continual unfair treatment of UK drivers by our elected politicians, please help us to stop these politicos dictating unfairly what we will drive, where we can drive and how much we will pay to drive, their decisions are based on emotive flawed information
Michael Gove - Environment Minister
Sadiq Khan - London Mayor
Philip Hammond - Chancellor
Chris Grayling - Transport Minister
These politicians see drivers as pure cash cows,
nothing more nothing less,
help us change their minds
In this survey we will introduce you to 3 available effective solutions to lower vehicle emissions from the many that are out there. The Government should seriously investigate and even legislate for their usage across the UK, instead of the easy option of punishing drivers and businesses in their pockets.

Every driver and road user want clean air to breathe but why should hard working drivers continue to be blamed or fined for all urban pollutants when other sources including, air conditioning, boilers, roadside construction, wood burners, aircraft, boats etc are not penalised?
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