What do YOU want to see in the Autumn Budget ?

Please complete our quick survey so we can submit the collective results to the Chancellor. Even though the UK still has the highest fuel duty in the world, there is a strong chance that drivers will be punished even further in the Budget. Under the guise of a green tax. What do YOU want from Phillip Hammond for 37m UK drivers on November 22nd?

A. First, tell us a bit about your vehicle and its usage

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Despite a duty freeze since March 2011, UK drivers still pay the highest fuel duty on diesel and 3rd highest for petrol in the EU. All EU states subsidise diesel with lower fuel duty than petrol. UK does not!

B. What should happen to fuel duty in the Budget

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C. Where do you stand on these issues related to vehicle emissions

Note: Cast in a US State Legislation, all bulk diesel deliveries to fuel stations in Texas must include a liquid combustion catalyst that helps to lower harmful diesel emissions. Since this Texas 'State implementation Program' (SIP) to reduce air pollutants began, the results have been staggering: Ozone reduced by 26%, NOx reduced by 67% and SO2 reduced by 56%.
Note: Making E10 available now for modern petrol vehicles would be the equivalent of taking 700,000 polluting cars off the road. By 2020, 99% of cars will be warranted for E10 and since March 2016. E10 is not recommended for older petrol vehicles such as classic cars.

Will you support our call for the Government to hold a Full Independent Public Inquiry to investigate the more effective, fairer and available ways to improve Air Quality in all UK Cities, instead of tax hikes

Background: The Proven clean air solutions highlighted above have been completely ignored by the London Mayor, local authorities and the Government in favour of ineffectual punitive and dishonest tax hikes on motorists, van drivers and the haulage industry. E.g. Just 20% of emissions come from passenger cars

D: Roads Investment: Even though 93% of journeys are by road. It seems that building HS2 is the Government’s major transport spend. Anything from £55bn to £100bn has been quoted for its cost. Only 9% of the £44bn given by UK motorists each year in taxes goes on roads.

E: Other related issues:

In the 2015 Budget the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) was increased from 6% to 9.5%. Then, in October 2016 there was a further increase, taking the rate to 10%

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