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Monthly Archives: JANUARY 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FUEL prices are set to soar to around £7 a gallon in days because of shortages caused by the collapse of one of Britain’s largest oil plants. 

Both petrol and diesel will crash through the £1.50 per litre barrier to record highs, say industry analysts.

The rocketing prices, which will cause yet more misery to motorists, were predicted after Swiss-based Petroplus, Europe’s largest independent refiner, announced it is filing for insolvency after defaulting on its debts.

Yesterday it said it was closing the Coryton refinery in Essex, which provides 10 per cent of the country’s fuel and is a key supplier to London and the South-east. As well as putting more than 1,000 jobs at risk, experts warned that British drivers now face a "toxic combination” of factors that will drive up prices by more than 10 per cent.

In addition to Petroplus, the EU this week agreed sanctions to boycott fuel from Iran, which retaliated by threatening to cut off the Strait of Hormuz through which around 20 per cent of the world’s oil is shipped.

See full article. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/297817/Now-petrol-to-hit-7-a-gallon 

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Now that all the festivities are behind us, the team here is gearing up to keep the pressure on for a cut in duty on petrol & diesel.

Your FairFuelUK team will be meeting with MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 25th January to renew its call for a significant cut in fuel duty.

We made significant progress last year by helping to persuade the Government to abandon the swingeing fuel duty rises that would, by now, have added a further 10p per litre to the high prices we are currently paying. However, the economy is still stagnating and families and businesses continue to struggle with the high cost of petrol and diesel. 

The next Budget will be on the 21st of March 2012, so we only have a few weeks to build up the pressure again on the Government. Your support is vital and we thank you for it. 

The FairFuelUK team is delighted to announce that The Fuelcard Company has renewed and increased its commitment to the campaign. Jakes De Kock, Marketing Director of the The Fuelcard Company said, "I am very pleased to renew our commitment as a company to supporting the FairFuelUK campaign. The plea for a fairer tax system for UK companies reliant on fuel to keep their businesses moving, is a worthy and necessary cause and impacts every consumer in the UK."

Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, ‘I’m delighted that The Fuelcard Company has increased its level of support to the FairFuelUK campaign.  They can be rightly proud of the support they gave last year.  They helped avert the significant fuel duty hikes planned for last year.  We are all looking forward to working even more closely with them in the coming months’.

We’ll be keeping in touch with you …..please tell everyone you meet to sign up to www.fairfueluk.com 

Kind regards,

Peter Carroll and the FairFuelUK team…

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's all give thanks that the FairFuelUK campaign stopped January’s proposed hike in fuel duty, because the stuff’s going up again. Shenanigans in Iran mean that wholesale prices have increased by 4.5p a litre.  That’s the steepest and fastest rise fuel companies say they’ve ever seen. And you can bet your last tankful that it will get passed on to the nation’s motorists and businesses soon. That means higher food prices and more inflation. You can look forward to diesel being at least 145p by the end of January.

So, Mr Osborne, if you’re reading this, you can forget about any more duty rises this year. The economy just won’t stomach it.
Please support the FairFuelUK Campaign

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

'I told you this was coming - but I didn't think it would happen with quite such speed. This week petrol retailers reported the 'steepest and fastest' rise in wholesale diesel prices ever seen. And all due to unfolding events in the Persian Gulf. Iran's belligerence has triggered a 4.5p a litre increase in wholesale diesel prices between December and January. Speculators have hiked up the price of crude sending UK diesel towards the record 143p peak of May last year. Industry analysts say that say it could even hit 145p a litre by the end of Jan. The sharp price rise took the whole industry by surprise and forecourts haven't even had time to adjust their prices because of the holiday trading interruption. But given the thin margins upon which most petrol stations operate, they'll have no choice put pass the cost on to you and me. 

For the UK, this is not good news, given that 80% of everything is carried by diesel trucks. That means more expensive food and more pressure on inflation figures and family incomes. Just as well then, that FairFuel helped sink the Treasury's proposed January duty rise, which in hindsight would have been absolute suicide for our economy. And if you've got a petrol motor things are equally grim. The average cost of unleaded is currently 132.3p per litre and that looks set to hit as much as 137p later in the year. At the risk of repeating myself, our little fuel duty lobby group has headed off a financial disaster. Without your sterling support, 200,000 signatures and our relentless pressure on the government to hold back on a series of fuel tax rises in 2011, UK diesel would now be an excruciatingly painful 155p a litre. The financial facts of our efforts over the last year speak for themselves. FairFuel has saved, (and will continue to save) this country hundreds of millions of pounds in needless tax and transport costs. Now, more than ever we need your continued support. The battle for affordable fuel has only just begun and FairFuel is the only gladiator in town. George Osborne wants another duty rise later this year. I'm determined that's not going to happen...........'

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pump prices rose by around 4.5p a litre between December 19 and the end of last week, while petrol went up by 5p. It is the steepest and fastest rise in wholesale prices over the Christmas and New Year period. Experts have warned that further rises are likely and that average diesel prices, currently nearly £1.41 a litre, could soon reach £1.45, breaking the existing record of £1.43 of May last year. Petrol and diesel are already around 15 per cent more expensive than 12 months ago. So far wholesale costs have been rising so fast that fuel retailers have not yet reacted by putting up pump prices, according to RMI Petrol, which represents garages.

But it warned that forecourt owners would now have to raise prices quickly "in order to protect the already wafer-thin margins which have caused the independent retailers such financial stress through 2011”. Increased costs will also mean motorists will be paying more tax. Around 68 per cent of what drivers pay for fuel currently goes in duty and VAT. The high levels of tax make diesel in the UK the most expensive in Europe. The Daily Express has long called for fuel duty to be significantly cut, through our Stop The Petrol Tax Robbery crusade. The huge increases in wholesale costs over the past two weeks have been largely blamed on growing tensions between Iran and the West over Iran’s nuclear intentions. The EU has tried to force an embargo on crude oil supplies but Iran has responded by threatening to block the Straits of Hormuz

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