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Monthly Archives: OCTOBER 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuelled by Frustration - Press release 

Over just two days, 10,000 frustrated and bewildered supporters of the FairFuelUK campaign to lower petrol & diesel prices by cutting fuel duty have emailed their MPs. This enormous number is reaction to news that a promised Commons debate on fuel pricing might not take place despite over 100,000 signatures on FairFuelUK's ePetition. At one point MPs were receiving 1,000 emails an hour.

Quentin Willson said: 'The Government told us that their ePetitions would make Parliament more responsive to the public. I'm not seeing any response at all and completely understand the unprecedented frustration of thousands of our supporters. At best this is making the Government look inefficient, and at worst shifty. This level of public outrage shows just how deep feelings really are on the subject of impossibly high fuel prices. The FairFuelUK Campaign team is holding a reception in Parliament tomorrow (Monday 31st October) and will be lobbying MPs to help expedite this long-awaited and crucially important debate. There should be no more prevarication and dithering.'

Please contact your MP using our link at http://action.fairfueluk.com/debate

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

We need you to send an email to your MP. Here is why and instructions on how to do so.

During the summer, we lodged a petition on the Governments own ePetition site about the need to cut fuel duty. This was on the understanding that reaching 100,000 signatures would trigger a Parliamentary debate on this key issue. With the help of our tens of thousands of supporters like yourself, we collected the 100,000 signatures in just over 8 weeks, actually hitting the 100,000 target on 30thSeptember 2011.

Since that time, we have attended two meetings of the Back Bench Business Committee of the House of Commons which decides on what should be debated and when.

This Committee are now saying that they do not have enough time to allocate for the debate on this,the most vital of national issues.They say that the Government has notgiven them the time.

HOWEVER, we get the impression that the Government are saying that there is enough time. We now believe that our campaign is being pushed ‘from pillar to post’. This leaves the 100,000 and more signees to the petition, all our other supporters, and the millions or struggling families and businesses across Britain without the debate that they were lead to believe would happen!

We need your help to make the Government understand that people are desperately struggling with the crisis of high petrol & diesel prices. Families are really struggling. Businesses are collapsing. The Government is missing the fact that cutting fuel duty would actually help them as it would lead to more jobs, more growth and higher tax receipts across the economy.

This situation is outrageous and unacceptable. Please click on the link below and you will be able send an email directly to your MP. Simply enter your postcode and follow the instructions. Your MP will be highlighted and a draft email/letter we have prepared is there for you to edit as you so wish. You can simply change the sample email/letter shown to your own style and content or just click to send.


We are not giving up on this fight for common sense..
Best wishes - The FairFuelUK Campaign team

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The FairFuelUK team has to report some shocking news. 

Parliament and the Government seem reluctant to commit to a date for a debate on cheaper petrol & dieselThis is despite our achieving the required 100,000 signatures on the ePetition and despite the best efforts of Robert Halfon MP who champions our cause in the Commons.  The formal decision to allocate the Parliamentary time rests with the Back Bench Business Committee of the House of Commons.  After two meetings of this committee, we appear to be no nearer to securing our debate on this vital issue.  The Chair of the committee has advised that the Government has not given enough time slots to the Committee.


We believe that this situation is outrageous and unacceptable
The hard-pressed families and businesses of the UK that have supported this campaign in their tens of thousands are understandably not too interested in the finer points of who decides what about this debate be it in the Government or the Back Bench Committee.  We feel that between them, the Government and Parliament should come together to do the right thing in this situation

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Several of you have written to us about the silence of what is happening or not happening with FFUK. There are no secrets, we still await a date for the Commons Debate. Today Robert Halfon MP is with the Back Bench MPs to arrange the date. We hope to have news in the next 48 hrs. European Referendum stuff has pushed FFUK down their priority list. Rest assured we are fighting like mad to put it at the top of the interests . Keep spreading the website link.

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