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Thursday, October 27, 2011

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The FairFuelUK team has to report some shocking news. 

Parliament and the Government seem reluctant to commit to a date for a debate on cheaper petrol & dieselThis is despite our achieving the required 100,000 signatures on the ePetition and despite the best efforts of Robert Halfon MP who champions our cause in the Commons.  The formal decision to allocate the Parliamentary time rests with the Back Bench Business Committee of the House of Commons.  After two meetings of this committee, we appear to be no nearer to securing our debate on this vital issue.  The Chair of the committee has advised that the Government has not given enough time slots to the Committee.


We believe that this situation is outrageous and unacceptable
The hard-pressed families and businesses of the UK that have supported this campaign in their tens of thousands are understandably not too interested in the finer points of who decides what about this debate be it in the Government or the Back Bench Committee.  We feel that between them, the Government and Parliament should come together to do the right thing in this situation

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

 Robert Halfon Photo of Robert Halfon(Harlow, Conservative) : Following my question to the Prime Minister yesterday, may we have an urgent debate on petrol prices and how they are hitting public services? Last year, the police spent £78 million on motoring fuel and it could hit £90 million this year

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Harlow MP Robert Halfon pressed the Prime Minister on the urgent need to make sure that Oil companies pass on reductions in the price of Oil to British drivers and hauliers during Prime Ministers questions on Wednesday 29th June. He also took the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister to further delay and scrap the inflationary rise in fuel duty planned for January 2012. This rise could add another 3p per litre to the cost of fuel.
With the House packed, Mr Halfon asked, ‘Given the high cost of petrol, which is crucifying motorists in Harlow and across the country, will my Honourable Friend support the FairFuelUK campaign, to urge oil companies to reduce petrol prices at the pump in line with market prices, and review the 3 pence increase next January?'
Only a few weeks ago, Mr Halfon was instrumental in securing a debate in the Commons on the issue of how high petrol and diesel prices were hurting motorists, hauliers and UK business in general.
Quentin Willson, leader of the FairFuelUK campaign welcomed the Parliamentary support demonstrated by Mr Halfon's question saying, ‘Finally the government supports FairFuelUK. They're admitting that high fuel prices have become a national and social issue. But let's not let them blame the big oil companies for everything. We know who takes the lion share out of every litre!'
Geoff Dunning of the Road Haulage Association said, ‘The fact that the Prime Minister was confronted by this question today is proof that the FairFuelUK campaign is having a real impact. The UK economy and the road hauliers that support it desperately need fuel prices that are affordable and stable, so we will be keeping up the fight to get the planned fuel duty rise in January 2012 scrapped'.
Theo de Pencier of the Freight Transport Association said, ‘The FTA is delighted that this issue has been raised in Prime Minister's Questions and that the FairFuelUK Campaign is being recognised as a credible voice in this critical issue. The Prime Minister's assurance that the government will do everything in its power to bring down the price of fuel is a good start and we look forward to working with government to see this aim realised.'
The FairFuelUK campaign is supported by the RAC and the two bodies that represent the UK road freight industry, the RHA and the FTA. Between them the RHA and FTA have over 20,000 members. The campaign also enjoys the support of over 168,000 members of the public.

Peter Carroll, organiser of the FairFuelUK campaign said, ‘FairFuelUK is taking the fuel battle to where it matters

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