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Quentin WillsonQuentin Willson is one of Britain’s best-known motoring authorities and is lead campaigner for FairFuelUK. He spent over a decade presenting BBC's Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and was largely responsible for bringing the once scandalously high prices of new cars in the UK down to the same level as the rest of Europe.

3 MPG: The Heavy Transport Association is celebrating 30 years in Business. They have produced a brilliant publication of what their industry is all about. They have included on Page 128 a history of FairFuelUK. Take a look here
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whilst the price of crude oil is at its lowest for months, because of the uncertainty of the Scottish YES and NO Independence referendum, the value of sterling has fallen against the dollar. The first chart shows the current price of crude oil in dollars and its welcome downward trend.

The second chart shows the value in Pounds Sterling that shows an upward worrying trend due to the Scottish uncertainty.

Lower fuel prices translate into more money in your wallet to spend on other goods and services. This is good for the country’s economic growth. But political uncertainty, politicians with huge egos and those profit driven oil speculators still have us all over a barrel. 

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

FairFuelUK and I are attending the three major Party Conferences. We are part of the FTA's Transport Hub Event and we are running Fringe Meetings entitled "Are the 32 million UK Road Users getting a fair deal from successive Governments?"  Each event is at 8 am on the Monday Morning of each Conference.  If you are going along please come and see us and debate the question too. We hope you can convince any Labour, Tory or Lib Dem delegates you may know to attend as well.. In the mean time here is my Sunday Mirror Column today that reflects the theme of our planned fringe events. Keep in touch Quentin Willson...

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FaurFuelUK supporting MP is demanding the price at the pumps be slashed to help the economy.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said a fuel duty cut would be a win-win situation for families and for the Government.

Speaking during Treasury questions in the Commons, he said: "The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (A FairFuelUK initiated economic study)  has shown a 3p cut in fuel duty would generate 70,000 new jobs, stimulate GDP by 0.2 per cent and help lower inflation.

"The Centre for Economics and Business research (A FairFuelUK initiated economic study)  said a cut would be even more beneficial to the economy and self-financing. Does the Government accept that a cut in fuel duty will be self-financing and provide a boost to the economy?”

Treasury Minister Danny Alexander said: "The Treasury has published our own analysis on fuel duty reductions which also shows the economic benefits reductions can bring."

Mr Davies has long campaigned for prices to be slashed and supports the FairFuelUK campaign. He said he would continue to push for fuel duty cuts. 

Source:  http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11447405.Shipley_MP_demands_cut_in_fuel_duty/

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Support FairFuelUK's call for a full pricing enquiry 
Source Sunday Express August 24th 2014
Please complete our POLL at http://www.fairfueluk.com/fairfuelukpoll.html and help us to get a full inquiry into the pricing fiasco process of setting what we pay at the pumps

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

'We're all wondering why, with all the  events happening at the moment, that the oil price hasn't spiked due to speculator activity. After all those spikes have been a regular occurrence for the last few years. In the past 

Brent Crude has swung from such extremes as $80 to $145 on the activity of speculators. This week, with everything that's happening in Iraq and Russia Brent Crude has fallen to its lowest point for a year at just over a hundred bucks. And that's due to two reasons. The first is high oil inventories due to an increase in US production, but the second is more worrying. There are around 30% less banks operating in the oil market today than there were last year and this has stabilised prices. THrough the recession years on 2008 to 2013, there was a heavy involvement of banks, commodity houses and hedge funds driving up the price of oil due to speculation and long and short bets on falls and rises in benchmark prices. This, as we're seeing now, distorted prices significantly and created a herd mentality in the oil market which caused prices to swing upward on the slightest shift in bulk buying patterns.

And this poses a serious question. Should those banks and financial institutions who bullied up the price of oil during the period of their involvement be responsible for the enormous costs they made consumers  pay by their speculation, or should we just move on and give thanks that they're no longer using the oil market as a major speculative revenue stream? There's an important moral and ethical point here and one that needs to be clearly defined as we don't want to see such needless and expensive swings in prices ever again. And can we legislate against this activity to protect both our economy and hard working families and businesses in the future?

FairFuelUK made this point last year and asked the OFT for an investigation into oil prices. The OFT said there was no case to answer and avoided any investigation. But here's the empirical proof that prices were raised by the activity of financial institutions and we're seeing the market behave relatively normally without all that speculator activity. For the record I'd like to know just how much those financial institutions actual made out their activities in the oil market to confirm to everybody what's happened. Until we have clarity and transparency in this market, the same casino mentality could kick off again. This Government must look at the events of the last few weeks and compare it to the wild shifts in prices that happened over the last five years. They must draw the obvious conclusion that without these opportunistic financial speculators the oil market is a much more stable place, goods, services, prices and inflation are lower and GDP higher. 

We simply can't have a posse of speculative operators, led by the big banks, playing games with our financial future. The recession in 2007/8 began when the supply chain buckled under the weight of the $145 barrel. We simply cannot ever allow that to happen again. In my opinion, the sooner we have legislation to stop opportunistic oil speculation by non physical trading activity, the better. Add your call for a full enquiry at our Road User Poll http://www.fairfueluk.com/fairfuelukpoll.html

Quentin Willson

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