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FairFuelUK, the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices, is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of road user taxes being levied on businesses & public in this Parliament

Quentin Willson - Lead FairFuelUK CampaignerFairFuelUK is the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices and is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of fuel duty being levied on businesses and the public in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Quentin Willson is one of Britain’s best-known motoring authorities and is lead campaigner for FairFuelUK. He spent over a decade presenting BBC's Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and was largely responsible for bringing the once scandalously high prices of new cars in the UK down to the same level as the rest of Europe.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

PrintDoes the Treasury now see the Fuel Duty light. Cut if for growth

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Quentin Willson and Howard CoxToday marks a massive, historic victory for FairFuelUK. Finally the Government has admitted what we've been telling them since 2011 - low fuel duty helps the wider economy. The Treasury today said that GDP will rise by 0.5% because not enacting all those fuel escalators mean drivers have more to spend on other things. I should be cross that the Government is claiming this economic revelation to be their own idea when Howard Cox and I have stood in front of their fuel duty experts (and ministers) on many occasions since 2011 saying exactly this and backing it up with expensive reports from the CEBR and NISER that we commissioned and paid for. High level politicos have actually told us that when the Coalition came to power they had no plans to change fuel duty policy and were set to enact all Labour's planned fuel duty escalators. They privately admit that it was entirely because of the pressure from FairFuelUK and our 500,000 supporters that those rises were cancelled and duty was cut by 1 pence. The current low cost of fuel, falling inflation and higher GDP is completely down to three-years of constant lobbying and pressure from FairFuelUK.

And today is even more historic because FairFuelUK has proved that cutting tax actually increases consumer spending so the fuel duty reduction model will be used for other tax cuts too. All of which is huge empirical proof that kitchen table protests do work. We've dramatically changed government policy on a shoestring with laughably small resources and just a handful of people. Be in no doubt what we've achieved with this campaign is totally unprecedented, far-reaching and will go down in history as one of the UK's most successful people's protests of the 21st century. And what makes me so proud is that we did it without shouting, being aggressive or waving placards around. We just knew we had right on our side and took the elegant approach of deluging The Treasury with keenly-reserached academic evidence to prove our point without a scintilla of doubt.


So to those 500,000 supporters, all our backers and the cross party MPs who gave us their unstinting support, give yourselves a hearty metaphorical slap on the back. Because we pulled this off together. We've changed Government policy, helped economic growth, benefitted the haulage industry, reduced transport costs across the economy and given a helping hand to millions of hard-pressed families and business to the tune of many billions of pounds. That's pretty cool.


What I now want is an official recognition from the Government that cancelling fuel duty rise to help the economy was indeed our idea and that FairFuelUK and its supporters were the main force that drove this critical policy change. We've all worked tremendously hard to do the right thing so its time Mr Cameron and Osborne praised our efforts. I hope we won't be waiting too long........


Quentin Willson

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

PrintAll the evidence shows fuel prices are the biggest issue to motorists

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We have been shouting for the last 4 years that fuel prices are the single biggest issue to 32 million road users. All the recent evidence shows this in bucket loads. But still the Government doesn't get it. Their London-centric mentalities and focus on internal expenses squabbling leaves them detached from the realities of our lives. In our recent ComRes poll graphically illustrated below, it’s clear that the Chancellor’s unfunded £5.5 billion of recent Budget tax changes simply don’t make sense to the millions of sensible UK citizens.

Even articles extracted for example from the local Kent on line site clearly shows this evidence in spades and spades. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/news/kent-motors-news/fuel-prices-still-number-one-15491/

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

PrintBeer and Bingo are not the Nation's Tax Change Priorities. A Fuel Duty cut is....

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The Treasury and Government Ministers are Out of Touch. Beer and Bingo are not the Nation's priority tax changes


Following last Week’s Budget, ComRes interviewed 2,039 GB adults online. The aim of the independent Poll commissioned by FairFuelUK was to understand which tax cuts would have the greatest positive impact on British adults’ lives, and how a cut in fuel duty compares to other tax cuts intoduced in the Budget and some others on the electorate's wish list.


A 3p cut in fuel duty is, by a significant margin, the tax cut that British adults say would have the greatest positive impact on their lives, ahead of any of the measures announced in the Chancellor’s budget speech last week. By contrast, the widely-trumpeted cuts to beer and bingo taxes are generally unlikely to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Tax Change Options

Single greatest impact

Top three greatest impact

A 3p cut in fuel duty



A reduction in the basic rate of income tax by 1p



A freeze on rail fares



The abolition of the 10p starting rate for income from saving



A freeze on duty on cider and spirits



A 1p cut in beer duty



The halving of Bingo Tax from 20% to 10%



None of the Above




Of those tax changes tested, a 3p cut in fuel duty is seen as the tax cut that would have the greatest positive impact by the largest proportion of respondents. Two in five (40%) say that it would have the greatest impact on them, while two thirds (67%) place this in their top three tax cuts that would have the greatest impact. The only other tax cut that would have a comparable impact would be a reduction in the basic rate of income tax by 1p, with a quarter (24%) selecting it as the cut that would have the most positive impact on their lives.Less than one in ten say this of any of the other tax cuts tested, including the cuts to taxes on beer (2%) and bingo (1%).

Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK said: "If the government is looking for evidence based policies, here's one that's shouting loudest. This ComRes Poll proves the UK wants and needs a cut in fuel duty."

Howard Cox, Co-Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "The Treasury's own team have said a cut in fuel duty will help the economy. NIESR and the CEBR have said it would create jobs, increase growth and lower inflation. The Recent period of stable lower pump prices have fueled sustained drops in inflation too. When will the Chancellor and his team listen to this huge bulk of evidence thats is now increased further, with two thirds of the nation saying a 3p cut would have the biggest impact on their lives above any other tax change? The Treasury remains in a state of 'cut fuel duty for growth' denial."

For details of this ComRes Poll for FairFuelUK, the data tables can be viewed and downloaded at http://www.fairfueluk.com/FairFuelUK_ComResPoll_post_budget.html

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PrintGeorge Osborne's Budget 2014 continues to punitively tax 32 Million Road Users

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Quentin Willson and Howard Cox of FairFuelUKQuentin Willson, FairFuelUK Campaigner said: "A lost opportunity to ease the burden on families and businesses when the economy is still fragile. Cutting tax on beer and bingo and not on fuel duty shows how really out of touch this Government is."


Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK said: "Huge disappointment in the Chancellor’s Budget. It seems the Treasury is in total Denial. We have presented conclusive proof that cutting fuel duty will generate jobs, increase GDP and lower inflation. Evidence they have yet to refute and supported by MPs from all Parties.  Mr Osborne even said in his Budget speech that punitive taxation is wrong. Well what’s more punitive than taking 60% in tax from 32 Million road users? We have rammed the evidence into every part of Westminster Political Office. The Chancellor simply does not get it. Cutting Fuel Duty is a real fiscal stimulus and he has missed the opportunity of accelerating our recent positive economic growth.”


It’s good that fuel duty continues to be frozen and the Labour’s planned 2014 rise has been scrapped, but the level of tax taken by the Treasury is still way too high. It’s punitively high!


The HMRC actually said in 2011 after the welcome 1p Budget reduction that this fuel duty cut will help growth, they said:  "The reduction in duty…..will have a positive impact on GDP.”  These predictions have since come to fruition. So why did Mr Osborne not lower fuel duty further today?

In the last 12 months pump prices have been stable, the pound strong and bulk oil at its lowest level for some time. All this heartening evidence put together adds up to higher employment, lower inflation and economic growth as demonstrated in the recent encouraging UK economic trends he boasted about in his speech. So, why did he not follow these proven dynamic modelling conclusions from the NIESR and cut this duty for growth. It makes fiscal and political sense. He has missed a common sense opportunity.


FairFuelUK will continue to fight for lower fuel duty.  

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Print60 Percent in Tax on 32 Million Road Users. Are you feeling better off

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Letter to the Times March 18th 2014I don't understand the blizzard of surveys that say all is well in the financial rose garden. You'd think we were through the worst, on the home stretch and approaching the final furlong. But talk to anybody out there and they say there's a disconnect between what they're being told and how they feel. A BBC ComRes poll this week confirms what I'm seeing and hearing - people definitely aren't feeling better off. And in the same week every taxi driver, restaurant boss, publican and shop assistant I spoke to here in the Midlands said the same thing. So far this year has been a massive challenge.


And why are the supermarkets struggling? If the recovery was really underway Sainsbury wouldn't have had a 3.1% sales decline this quarter - the biggest fall since 2005. Tescos and Morrisons aren't faring well either so the crucial barometer of consumer economic activity - supermarkets - tells a different story from all the surveys. And here at FairFuelUK we hear a rising refrain of unsupportable transport costs, too much disposable income being spent at the pumps, consumers feeling forced to reduce driving and the increasingly  frightening £70 fill up.


That's why I believe its so important for The Chancellor to create a feeling of increased confidence and a cushion against future oil price rises in this difficult period by cutting fuel duty by 3p. This gesture would send an important sign that he understands the electorate's fuel costs, make us feel more confident and stimulate some badly-need consumer spending. Cutting the tax on bingo helps nobody, reducing the duty on fuel helps everybody. And he really shouldn't be listening to all those self-serving surveys.


We sent a Letter to the Times 18th March 2014 (right) today, so we hope that the Political elite read it and take our request for a 3p Fuel Duty cut seriously.

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