FairFuelUK is the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices and is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of fuel duty being levied on businesses and the public in
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014* & 2015*
Quentin Willson, Motoring Journalist - Campaigner
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How you can set up a local campaign to support FairFuelUK in the fight for lower petrol and diesel prices

The Campaign is actively backed by:
Association of Pallet Networks
Thousands of people and businesses across the UK have asked us how they can help to raise awareness of the FairFuelUK Campaign and to get more involved in order to help generate more support and awareness in their local communities, workplaces and organisations

The aim of the FairFuelUK Campaign is to help families, businesses and the entire UK economy by achieving lower petrol and diesel prices across the UK.  We believe that fairer petrol/diesel prices are vital to get the economy growing.  We are lobbying the Government to make them understand that fuel duty is far too high and is adversely effecting business viability, shop prices, jobs creation, inflation, families, disposable income, local communities and social mobility.

Make sure you’re actually signed up! Some of our supporters have done a great deal to help us, but have forgotten to actually sign up!  Being signed up ensures that we can keep you posted on campaign developments.

Every ‘sign up’ makes our campaign stronger.  MPs and Ministers are swayed by the scale of support that a campaign attracts.  Encouraging your friends, family, customers, suppliers, employees, contacts to sign up is incredibly valuable.  People can’t support us if they don’t know about us!  Feedback tells us that nearly everyone who drives or uses petrol/diesel in their business actually appreciate being told about us.  Why not just send a simple email to all your contacts telling them about us and urging them to sign up.  In our busy world, we find that many people like to keep in touch with us by Facebook and Twitter.  If you have accounts with either or both, please ‘like’ us and follow us.  Please send messages to your social networking contacts and friends asking them to spread word of FairFuelUK.  Remember, please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us too!

We are financially backed by the RAC, the FTA, the RHA and The Fuelcard Company.  However, many supporters have asked if they too can contribute financially.  We welcome this as the more resources we have, the harder we can campaign. There are 4 ways you can contribute:

  1. Buying a FairFuelUK car/van sticker.  As well as helping financially, a good showing of these on the roads and motorways of Britain helps spread the word

  2. Buying some of the FairFuelUK branded T-shirts, Mugs, Umbrellas and other products

  3. Making a ‘one off’ contribution

  4. Making a regular monthly contribution

Please let us know about any local campaigning you intend to do.  It’s so easy – just email us at campaign@fairfueluk.com
Running a local FairFuelUK campaign is a great way to help.  Some ideas are:

  • Holding a public collection of sign ups to FairFuelUK - in the local High Street, Market Square, local garage, local business park, college, sporting venue, either yourself or with a group of friends. Perhaps you could set up a simple street table.  You can either ask them to sign a paper version (the ones downloaded in 1 above) or perhaps use an electronic device like an iPad/Laptop with internet access and ask them to sign in directly to the website.  If you collect paper versions, perhaps you could then enter these into the FairFuelUK site after the event.  You may need to check with your local Council or Town Centre Management team if you need permission to stand in the area that you select.  If you wish to collect signatures in a shopping centre, you may need to consult with the manager of the centre. You will need the full name, postcode and email address for each supporter. Those sign-ups without email addresses post directly to us. The address is : Howard Cox, FairFuelUK, 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3NQ UK. email: howard@fairfueluk.com

Let your local newspaper or radio station know what you are intending to do.  Usually, this is as simple as phoning them up and talking to them.  If they report your local event, it will have the very positive effect of spreading the word and keeping the issue high in the mind of your local MP. You should get in touch with your local media as soon as your local campaign starts or well before any event. Remember: journalists often work to tight deadlines so you need to give them the key information as quickly as possible. They also like fresh news, not something that happened two weeks ago. Read our FairFuelUK Blog to find out about facts and current issues related to the price of fuel and how it’s affecting your community. Here’s a few tips on how to make contact with your local media:

  • Newspapers: Phone the news desk and have a copy of your press release to hand. Make sure you have all the facts at hand.
  • Radio: Have you got a specific show in mind? If you do, contact the Producer – their details should be on the show’s website. If you’re unsure, ring the news desk.

We greatly appreciate our supporters and all that they do. FairFuelUK does not support any kind of action or campaigning that is any way disruptive to people or to business.  However, we have to state for clarity and the avoidance of doubt that FairFuelUK, it’s backers, Why Not Campaign Limited is in any way liable for any liability or consequence attributable to the actions of any supporter.

  • Remember, if a journalist says ‘no’, don’t take it to heart. News space is extremely sought after; it doesn’t mean your campaign’s not important

  • Work with others to set up a local FFUK Group to generate community backing of FFUK.

  • Become a Local Contact for FFUK to be able to communicate with about campaign issues and what's happening with petrol / diesel prices in your area. Keep us up to date.
  • 1. Sign Up,Spread the word and get people to contribute
  • 2. How you can run a Local Campaign

FairFuelUK is the national campaign fighting for lower petrol and diesel prices and is actively supported by:

Campaign Managed by Peter Carroll Associates email: campaign@fairfueluk.com
Peter Carroll (founder) 07866 800755, Lynne Beaumont (co-founder) 07885 940945 , Howard Cox (co-founder & communications) 07515 421611  
It is managed by Howard Cox and Quentin Willson. email: campaign@fairfueluk.com    
Contact and Media: Howard Cox 07515 421611
FairFuelUK, 1 Rammell Mews,Cranbrook,Kent TN17 3BQ. UK